Thursday, October 12, 2006

grape or strawberry?

Today was my 1st doctor's appointment thus far in this pregnancy. I am happy to report that everything looks good. I had an ultrasound and I got to see the little baby wiggling all around - those were the dr's words! I love how every baby website refers to the baby in utero as a foodstuff. At 9 weeks I have seen it compared to both a grape and a strawberry. Now I am thinking it must be quite a large grape or a small strawberry. The nurse said this baby looks big and healthy, so we will go with the strawberry......they are yummier, too!

#1 was a little worried that they had to take my blood and asked if I cried. When I said No, she thought she should give some blood to the baby, too........sweet girl! #2 was more impressed with the Sprite I brought home that the nice nurse gave me when my tummy got toooooo hungry, which = a sick stomach....yucko!

have a great evening!!


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Strawberry baby!!! Have you been pondering any names for #3? You should take an online poll from your blog readers!!!

You're about 3 weeks away from no nausea, and I know that has to make you glad!!! I'm still praying for a healthy baby and healthy Brickmomma!!!


Snap said...

I like the strawberry metaphor. And I think the little green on top is his/her hair:-)
I hope you had a good afternoon. Tell the little bricks to watch the mail maybe Saturday/Monday:-)
Love you,

Snap said...

ok - now I get it, the 9 week thing:-) Duh!