Sunday, October 01, 2006


Sorry for the lapse in posts last week. Pregnancy exhaustion has officially taken over my body. I took naps on two different days last week. Some of you may be thinking, wait, I thought that girl napped every day. The truth is, I attempt to nap daily, however my brain usually wakes me up after 11 minutes. That, my friend, does not constitute a nap. I have never been a power napper. Last week I had 2 'sleep-so-hard-I'm-drooling' naps and when I was woken up I felt groggy enough to have slept for 2 more hours.

People keep asking me how I am feeling and I really feel great. No sickness to speak of, only this pure tiredness that I know is normal and nothing to complain about. Most mommas I know feel this way most of the time!

I took #1 to see Peter Pan today. She totally loved it, except for the pirates. She kept asking me if they were saying "I'm sorry." Such a sweet girl, always wanting folks to make the right choice! Friday night we went to see a college girls soccer game. It was SO fun! Those girls work hard!! Saturday night I went to an outdoor concert with Mr. Brick............whoa - the poisons people ingest.......made me long for some oxygen!

Have a great week......are you living authentic-ly?


Snap said...

I am trying very hard to be authentic. Friday night and again today. Our pastor spoke on pruning today. Pruning away those things in our life that don't allow us time for God. So I am going to prune this week:-)
Love you!

SaRaH said...

What concert did you go to?