Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Sleepy.........I am sleepy. Do you know the difference between sleepy and tired? Sometimes I feel like I could sleep standing up, my bones are weary and I am tired. Often my eyelids feel heavy and I am yawning often and I feel like curling up.......I am sleepy. And then there are the times I feel both at the same time.
The little Bricks and I went to the clam pool this morning. It was wonderful, the big kids have gone back to school and the slide is available without a line to wait in. At the end of our time there the kiddos had convinced this big brickmomma to slide down.........wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......it was fun! Except I am a bit larger than most of the slide patrons, meaning I make a bigger splash and I hit the bottom harder.....ouch! But it was fun and several other superheros that were there wanted to slide with me......I felt important!
It is nap time for the little Bricks and I plan on taking that opportunity to nap myself.......one of the perks of a stay at home mom to two preschoolers! I know, I know....my day will come when naps are thru, and then I will be SAD.
I hope all of you are enjoying your spot in life taoday, whether it be slipping down a short slide, singing super hero songs, napping while you can, or whatever your bright spot is!


Anonymous said...

Yours still nap at the same time!!! I'll try not to envy you, because you know God doesn't want me to!!! ;-)

We had fun with ya'll yesterday! Love to the baby bricks for me!!!


SaRaH said...

Awwww naps...... I am beyond sleepy and tired. I am oooba ssssliredd. It should be illegal to start school at 7:30AM.