Thursday, August 24, 2006


This morning was such fun. After breakfast we headed outside to ride bikes. The little Bricks love to ride around the driveway and look so cute when they put on their helmets! After a few laps I realized I had some things to spray paint for school. I offered 'chalk paint' for the little Bricks and what a success! A recycled veggie tray, cheap paint brushes, chalk dust and ~viola......chalk paint!
It was really great watching them paint and write and then #2 wrote 3 lines.....down, down, across........the directions for the letter H! See, he has been observing his older sister learning for the last two years of his life and has been catching up, quick! Now as we drive thru town he can pick out letters he recognizes.......D, H, N and O........pretty smart guy! Look out MDO, here comes XXman!

Aunt Kat came by after her BIG test and we enjoyed some celebratory grub. SHe went home for a nap, I tried to do the same, but #2 has discoverd climbing out of his crib all on his own and at 215 he was awake! Ah well, we rented new videos today and that kept the little bricks occupied for awhile til I could shake myself awake.

I am off to work tonight........bringing home the bacon.......actually I think it is bourbon glazed chicken and salmon tonight!


Anonymous said...

Did "Sister Brick" feel good about her test?

-Sleepless in DFW

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blog I love hearing about the little Bricks and everyone else. Love Aunt C

SaRaH said...

Yeaaa DD man!

Snap said...

Hoorah for DDMan:-)
Woohoo! Love you all!