Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tonight is Meet the Teacher night......it will be a first for me. Now, this is the 6th year I will be in a classroom as the Teacher. But tonight will be the first time I am meeting my child's Teacher. I won't really be introducing myself for the first time. Ms T is a wonderful woman and I know she will be a terrific teacher for #1. Her asst, Ms. S was #1's Mother's Day Out teacher last year and #1 cannot wait to have her old teacher back. In fact she is thrilled about all aspects of starting preschool. She keeps reminding #2 that he is only going to Mother's Day Out, because he is not 3 like her!
I am not feeling any sort of separation anxiety, as both my little Bricks were in Mother's Day Out last year. And actually #1 will be right across the hall from me now, in the preschool. I am a little wistful that my little rosebud baby is old enough to be in the 3s program. I am certain she is ready cognitively for the rigors of the program and I think her social skills are up to par. I believe she will thrive in the classroom setting. Yet, I won't be there. I won't witness her correct answers and her honest mistakes. I won't see how she deals with girly drama and boys who knock down her blocks. Oh, I know Ms. Tand Ms. S will regale me with numerous stories and I am thankful to be in the same building, same hallway, same preschool program, so I won't miss much. But the fact that I will miss any of it makes me a tiny bit sad. It is another step in this growing up process we call parenting. At times I wonder who is growing more....and whose growing pains are stronger.
I have been praying for this little girl since before she was conceived. I am proud of the SPECTACULAR creation she is becoming. I am thankful for all of the moments I get to share with her. And I will be content to share her with others. Others I feel safe leaving her with and who I know love my daughter already.
She is such a beauty. A daughter like none other. A wonder, a gift from God. I love her so much.


Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to celebrate Bean, as she's on the threshold of becoming a "big girl"! Your Mama-pride makes me smile!

And, how blessed you are to be so near as it all happens! :-)

With Much Love,

Anonymous said...

p.s. I love how Bean is "incognito" in her movie star sunglasses! It's better than the black rectangular bar over the eyes, don't you think? And, as we know, THAT'S not befitting, because she's always a fashion "do"!


Snap said...

Awww - tears are coming:-) I am so excited for both of you. God is so good! I can't wait to experience the same things one day. You make me so proud! You are an awesome mom and woman of Christ! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Yet again you bring me to tears. I don't know if it's the way you celebrate your little bricks or the fact that I am turning my beautiful girl over to daycare tomorrow. I miss the Bricks!

brIckMomMa said...

who misses us? good programs take good care of precious babies, I am sure she will have a marvelous time!!

Angela said...

Enjoy it - these are precious times!