Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day~

***I am following the format of my sweet friend Shannon's blog today***

Good morning!

My parents drank at least a pot of coffee every morning while I was growing up. Black. Strong. Hot. My granny drank hers with two creams and some sweet 'n low.

I never did. In college I would hang out at coffee shops, never really enjoying my cuppa. I went to visit a friend who moved to New Orleans and tried her iced coffee concoction. I liked it. I brought some home. Then I got prego with #1 and very obediently cut out all caffeine.

As most of you know soon after the birth of #1 I got pregnant with #2. And suddenly desired coffee. Craved coffee.

And I've been drinking it ever since. I like mine with a little flavored creamer. And now my husband and I drink a pot of coffee most mornings.

What is your morning beverage of choice? How do you take your coffee?

Happy Monday~


Sarah L. Knapp said...

I try to chug some water every morning. Cannot do coffee most of the time - sometimes a cup of tea if I have time.

Shannon said...

I make a beeline for the coffee pot... usually with flavored creamer, though recently I bought a bottle of syrup with a pump and have been using that with half and half to cut out some bad hydrogenated stuff out of my diet. ;)