Saturday, May 01, 2010

Date Nights

Last night my Romeo took me on a date. He made arrangements for his parents to watch the kids overnight and we went to a new{to us} Italian restaurant and then to the movies. While the movie we saw was not spectacular, its premise was legit. Sometimes married folks get stuck in a routine and comfortable roles and rarely break out for any adventure.

With three kids ages 7,6 and 3 I am not certain I need much adventure. But I do need to be a wife sometimes, the object of my husband's undivided attention without competing with the wee ones. I desire that attention from my husband, the feeling of being pursued. And I think it is a legitimate need.

I have been praying and thinking quite a bit about intentional parenting. I think I need to be as intentional about being a wife and a partner to my husband.

I found this blog today and I am excited to read more about the idea of weekly at home date nights. I want to have a special time set aside that I can spend time with my husband, nurturing our relationship, focusing on our marriage.

I have heard for years how important it is to maintain the marriage relationship, to date my husband, to take care of myself so that I have the energy to take care of everyone else. I'm finally going to work on that. The website called the date nights Project 52, to last an entire year. I'm calling mine 16 Candles.......sixteen weeks of planned time with my mister.

Because this Juliet needs her Romeo.
Happy Saturday~

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