Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Purposeful Motherhood-

If you've read much of what I have written over the last 3 years, you know I use the word intentional. I desire to be intentional.

I often fail.

But I try again.

My friend Kat has created a blog entitled inspired to action and it is fabulous.She has written posts on very practical steps to reach very lofty goals. Sometimes I read what she writes, word for word. Sometimes I skim. Sometimes I read it and inspired but overwhelmed.

She wrote a post about creating a mission statement. The thought of creating a mission statement for my life completely overwhelmed me, to the point that I skimmed the step by step instructions she conveniently wrote in the body of the post.

Today I went back to the original mission statement post and have spent some time thinking and writing and praying and thinking about what I want my mission statement to look like. Thankfully Kat says these don't have to be set in stone.....

**My Mission Statement**
When you see me, you see me.

*I will abide in the Lord’s presence. I will make daily decisions, reflecting on the grace and mercy the Lord has shown me. I desire that all I say and do will point others to the abundant life found in obedience to Christ.

*I will think of John’s needs above my own. I will do what will cherish him, build him up and help him out.

*I will pray daily for my children and that I might be the mother the Lord wants me to be. I will consistently discipline according to God’s word. I will foster a homelife that is fun and supportive. I will be a soft place to land.

*I will actively love my friends by praying for them, writing notes of encouragement and showing them in individual ways that they are loved. I will be consistently active in the 530 Club and CR.

Want to try writing your own?
Happy Tuesday~

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