Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

My most favoritest {sorryjustin,jaci,angela,and alltherest} cousin is coming to visit in 2.5 weeks!!!! Here are 10 reasons I love her so-

1. She wrote me letters while we were growing up. I rarely, if ever, wrote back. But still, she wrote.

2. She loves Twizzlers as much as I do.
3. She is totally following her dream in Hollywood - man, that takes courage!
4. We have a shared history and can relate to things like only family can.
5. We can talk on the phone and laugh like only dear friends can.
6. She loves my husband and children and takes every opportunity to make us all feel special.

7. She calls to make certain I am in the loop when it comes to grandparents and health concerns.
8. She inspires me to be a better writer.
9. Our relationship is a priority of hers and makes certain to visit, no matter what!

10. She deeply loves her family. Even when its hard or uncomfortable. And I am blessed to be part of that family.

I love you, Snap!


michelle said...

speaking of visits...i love reading your blogs...
how bout next time I go "home" for a visit we ( and the sister...yours not mine!) try and sneak in coffee or chips and salsa somewhere?

Sarah L. Knapp said...

I love you too and CANNOT WAIT to eat Twizzlers with you in 2.5 weeks!
~ S.