Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday

It seems I need an attitude adjustment. I have been irritable, grouchy, short tempered and feeling sorry for myself. Get real, right? There is nothing big going on, just a lot of obligations and places I have to be rather than want to be. Doing things that must get done rather than things I want to get done. And quite honestly, just not wanting to get much done at all.

My boss wants me to tell her three positive things each week during our meeting. Last week they flipped right off my tongue. Yesterday I had to think a little harder.

Right now I am going to make myself think of 13 positives.

Ready? Go.

1. I met my dear friend at the track this am. She could read the desperation in my email last night and agreed to meet. I am selfish with my time with her and though we didn't get enough, we had some.
2. Creme brulee creamer. My sister finally found a doctor who had an idea about what was going on with her body. The bad news is that she has to cut out all forms of sugar from her diet. The good news is that the brickhaus benefited from her pantry clean sweep.
3. I am having fun with my preschool class. My assistant and I are getting to know each other more and more and we are laughing lots.
4. My foot isn't hurting anymore where it had been for about a week.
5. We have just enough $$$ to pay our bills. No more, but we don't need more.
6. I have made a new friend and texting with her has gotten me out of my own head a time or two over the last week.
7.Uh oh, barely half way felt very accomplished when I vaccummed under both couches in the living room on Tuesday.
8. The mister is on a serious healthy eating and exercise kick. Yea for him!
9. My mother in law is getting to meet lots of folks in the community and is so impressive with her drive and determination during her campaign.
10. A cute girl from church babysat for me on Tuesday for the first time and my kids loved her and I did too!
11. My friend Betty is holding my feet to the fire to get my work done. {I guess this is positive}
12. Some friends of mine are moving back to Texas soon! Well, the husband is already here. His wife and wee ones will be soon. I am so excited about this friendship and hanging out with my virtual friend in person!!!
13. Jesus loves me. Even when I am irritable. Grouchy. Short tempered. Feeling sorry for myself.

What are your three positives today?
Happy Thursday~


Shannon said...

1. My day is over, finally.
2. My husband is emptying the dishwasher right now. Yea T!
3. I have great friends like you!
<3 you girlie!

Justin said...

1. I have great friends who have helped make my senior year incredible.

2. I have an awesome job that is flexible and has helped me grow as an individual and as a professional.

3. Over the past two weeks I've starting diving into the Bible like I haven't in a very long time, thanks to this "One Year Bible" I got last week.

My life is really stressful right now, and I've got a to-do list about a mile long...but I'm loving it. The last six months have probably been the most fun six months of my life!