Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I {LOVE} about our new home-

1. The dark floors {though I have to sweep 3x a day}
2. Split floor plan.....our room is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there :)
3. My big bathroom. It is seriously about 4x as big as my old one.
4. My kids love playing with the girls across the street.
5. We are 1.2 miles away from an awesome school.
6 I get to see sweet sweet friends at above school each day when I drop my babes off.
7. I bought fancy new bedding. In almost 10 yrs of marriage we have never had fancy new bedding!
8. The gas range. Well, Mr. Brick is most excited about that, but whatever makes him happy....
9. The color of the brick. It is my favorite on my street.
10. Just the fact that we are really in. It was such a dream, a hope, for so long. I am praising Jesus!

Happy Tuesday~

1 comment:

erin said...

i love, love, love it too! :) so happy for you.