Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Has it been almost a month since I have last posted? My apologies! I have remained ever active on FB, but neglected this blog.

We are off to a great start of summer. Anytime anyone has asked about my summer plans I have replied with ‘my plan is to have no plans.’ We were extremely busy in the spring with sports and choir and school and church. All very good things. We didn’t get burned out or stop enjoying them. However, I want to slow down. I want to go when we want and stay home when we need to.

Thus far we have accomplished that. We are meeting friends around town for various kids’ activities. We went swimming. I renewed our membership at the Children’s Museum. We have been to the library 3 times and my #1 has probably read 15 books. Chapter books. Mysteries are her favorite.

I have kept up with my running routine, meeting friends in the early morning. I love listening to the birds and watching the sky turn light. Some mornings I don’t want to get up, I hit snooze a few times. But I never regret it when I am done. Most mornings it seems hard to believe I ran 13.1 miles a few short months ago. So it goes.

I haven’t stayed with my menu planning. Today the new grocery ads came out, maybe I will try again.

I have developed a chart for screen time, to keep both my kiddos and me accountable and away from the tube all day.

Two people have approached me about doing another Art Camp. I don’t know that I have it in me to coordinate and run another camp, but I am all about sharing my resources and plans. It makes me happy to think that people remember and want to reproduce some of the fun that was that week in 2007.

I guess this is enough of an update. We took some family photos last night at Fire Ant Ranch. When I get some proofs I will post them. I am excited!

Happy Tuesday~

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MiChal said...

I'm glad you're back. I've missed you!