Tuesday, February 24, 2009

September 13th, 2009

What are you doing in September? As my inaugural race day looms closer I have been thinking about what I will train for after the Dash. There is no doubt that along with my running buddies, having an event on the horizon has been my biggest motivator. I don't want to lose that after March 1st.

Several years ago my sister and I competed in this goofy adventure race near Austin. I had no idea what I was getting into, and it is still hard to put into words. We were a team and we ran, biked and boated through a course that had random {seriously RANDOM} obstacles throughout. For one thing, we had to find, then carry a rubber chicken with us during the entire race. We had to make our way through a spiderweb of yarn while handcuffed together.

It was fun. It was exhilarating. We loved it!

And we never did it again.

This morning I searched for the event and the date is September 13th. It appears to have changed some since I last competed, there is no longer a bike leg. But the part I am most excited about is that there are now Mother/Daughter teams. The website stated that a three year old competed last year!

{Oh, I should mention that the whole thing benefits breast cancer - a long time cause I champion.}

Soooooooo.......................I want to do the race with my #1 in September. And I want all my girlfriends with daughters to do it, too. How fun would it be to get crazy, sweaty and wet with our girls, while being an example of fitness? To show them and tell them that being active is fun AND important? That women are strong, girls can compete and that we want to spend time with our families?

Or maybe you could do it with your best friend. Or your mom. Or your workout buddy. Let's just do it - thanks nike ;)

The jogging parts look to be about 1 mile each, with walking ok, too. And the water part is where you can get crazy creative making a float.

I am super excited. Google womens adventure race and tell me if you are in!

Happy Tuesday~


Becky said...

It sounds fun...I will have to pull it up and look at it later. I worry that my itty-bitty would be too itty-bitty! She's strong for her size but doesn't have much endurance I'm afraid?!!

Emily said...

Hmmm sounds fun!! I will check out the info. Molly LOVES to run! She got her grandpa (my dad's) running gene. He has run 6 miles every day for 30 years.