Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

10 Great Things About Today:

1. I had candy corn, chocolate milk and coffee for breakfast
2. The 6 loads of laundry I have accomplished
3. I made a good friend laugh
4. 3 sleeping children at nap time
5. Cold + sunshine = my favorite weather!
6. I found out #1's K teacher dances on the table
7. Bonnie Hunt's talk show
8. Play dates with friends we see too rarely
9. My gunky funk seems to have lifted
10. No major plans tonight

What did YOU think was great today?

Happy Tuesday~


Emily said...

Ok--your breakfast sounds awesome!! Minus the cofee.

Sarah L. Knapp said...

I thought it was great that I got to make some people smile at Homeless Lunch by sneaking some extra waters or extra fruit to them:-)

Chalcuckles said...

Bonnie Hunt is one of my absolute favorites! I haven't seen her new show yet. What time does it come on?