Friday, June 13, 2008


My parents have been married 32 years. 32!! That is an amazing testament to faith, strength, patience and endurance.
Here are 32 reason we think they are pretty incredible:
1.They love the names Grammy and Poppy
2.Poppy keeps kid sized gardening tools and lets us use them.
3. Grammy knits dishrags, bibs, scarves with ease and speed
4.They are rarely too busy to talk on the phone
5.Creme Brulee
6.They live on a river and have a big boat
7. Grammy didn't get mad when #3 broke her sunshades at the beach
8.Grammy likes to shop at Kohls for her grand kids
9.They listen to great music
10.Poppy is a whiz at Sudoku - I can't get those!
11.Grammy taught me to do crosswords
12.Both love to read, especially at the beach
13.They raised two girls that are happy, well adjusted and successful in life{if I do say so myself}
14.Grammy can lose weight when she puts her mind to it - what an inspiration
15.Poppy uses his hard hat to get where he needs to go {porta potty checking, anyone?}
16.They like rare meat
17.Grammy took me and #1 to Disney while #2 had to enjoy it in utero
18.When #1 looked to be arriving via emergencyC Grammy hopped a plane and was here by 3
19. That same day Poppy spoke with my dr on the phone and gave his ok
20. They enjoy hearing every detail of #1,#2 and #3's day
21. They play Wii
22. They play poker
23. They support all of us no matter what we do
24. They are taking care of Granny and Grandpa with grace and patience. That is hard.
25.When Mr. Brick and I broke up in college Grammy offered to drive 2 hours at midnight to be with me
26.Grammy collects pigs
27.Poppy still had a sled and sled wax 20+ years after moving from Michigan to two states that rarely see snow
28.They taught me to eat breakfast for dinner
29.Poppy used to make us funny shaped pancakes for dinner
30.Grammy is who I call with any type medical question
31.Poppy takes care of his customers
32.They love each other, fight for each other and persevere!
Happy 32nd Anniversary, Grammy and Poppy!


Bobbie said...

That's awesome! My best wishes to them...Mike and I will celebrate 38 years in August! Yikes...long time! I'd love to see a list like that from Michelle and Jason...would be very interesting! Enjoy!

Quiltermama said...

Yay Grammy & Poppy!

No wonder you're so "well adjusted" :o), and the whole Brickhaus is one happy family! It's good raisin' & good genetics I bet! Fun, happy people make fun, happy people--that's my theory and I'm sticking to it...I copyrighted this, so no one steal my ideas and make a million, ok?! ;-)

Justin said...

Great people, cool kids, mind-blowingly amazing grandkids ...not too shabby. :)

Becky said...

Awesome testiment! What a great legacy!!
Hey, Coach and I are now half way to where they are! :o)