Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I am enjoying about Summer 2008:

1. Playdates
2.Not so early gym dates
3.Pink lemonade
4.Tan lines
5. Somebody else pulling my weeds
6. Playing in the yard after dinner
7. Corn on the cob
8. Splash pad plans
9. More time to read
10. JJ's snowcones

What are you enjoying?


Anonymous said...

1. Sleeping In until 2 or 3 in the afternoon
2. Knowing I dont have to go back to high school ever again.
3. Being able to go where I want when I want to.
4. Later curfew
5. Not hearing "no you cant go, its a school night."
6. Popsicles
7. Staying up as late as I want because I know I dont have to wake up at 6.
8. Being L-A-Z-Y!!!
9. Spending time with my family.
10. having no other obligations besides work!!!
- Jaci!!!

Justin said...

1. Getting the afternoons off!
2. Getting nine credit-hours in 12 weeks
3. Tanned skin (on me, even!)
4. Girls in smaller/fewer clothes.
5. No more Geoconnections Stories
6. Good movies!
7. Lunch with the Bricks + Smoky
8. The Presidential Race has finally begun
9. New Books Out
10. Only a couple more months until football season

Donuts R Evil said...

Hmm...many of the same things but here we go:
1. A trip to New Braunfels with a ride down by the river and a stop for weiner schnitzel
2. Mommy fellowship aka Playdates & Splash Pad plans
3. My kids giddy excitement when going swimming
4. Evening walks with my family
5. Exercise time - time to focus on weight loss
6. Watermelon
7. Our wedding anniversary
8. College World Series
9. Laid back summer evenings
10.More flexible schedule

Anonymous said...

1 Our 35th wedding anniversay
2 It's finally warm and sunny
3 RED WINGS won the Stanley Cup
4 Christy is here for a week
5 Angela and Sarah will be home
6 Have a new baby Lucy next door
7 a new bunny in the backyard so
8 Golf, golf, golf,
9 going to the lake, can't wait
10 summer is fun time for company

Love and hugs Aunt chris ps I better pick some strawberries for jam right

Quiltermama said...

1. Get togethers with different groups of friends doing different kinds of activities--NEVER bored!

2. Doing those special projects with my kiddos that I SO wanted to do during the school year but was too time limited to do.

3. When there's no homework, every day feels like Christmas! :o)

4. Getting my tan back!

5. Getting my house back in order--Phew!

6. After the kids are in bed, having time to spend talking and laughing with my hubby (vs. laying out clothes and making lunches & snacks like a mad woman!)

7. The excitement of knowing that with the new day, just about anything is possible.

8. Summer Bible study is coming, and I might actually have time to do the complete workbook! Yay!!!

9. Pools, sprinklers, anything to do with water, really--love it all!

10. Getting to spend more time with my kids, getting back in touch with the delightful little persons that they have grown into over this fast paced school year--all the fun intricacies. :-)

oh, 11. MORE TIME TO BLOG (gotta watch that! :-) )

Becky said...

Long, lazy days with my kids and hubby home! No hurried schedules or places that we have to be!!
Altho, we've not made any playdates and we need some!
I want some just Mommy's playdates too!!! anyone???..........

erin said...

tell me when you go to the splashpad so we can join you. playdates too. i might need lots of those coming up. especially when hubby goes back to work.