Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She did it!!

#3 took her first steps. It was so cute. I honestly don't remember #1's first steps and I know I was out of town when #2 started to walk. But last Friday, #3 walked between me and her Aunt Kat!! She was super proud of herself and such a cute little 'toddler'! I have video on my camera, so maybe during nap time I will figure out how to upload it here!

#1 lost her 2nd tooth. The tooth fairy even found her at Aunt Bird's house. Yes, we do have an Aunt Kat and an Aunt Bird.......we're weird, I know. #1 is saving her $$$ for roller skates. She is a third of the way there and will ask you to count her money if you are in the house for longer than thirty minutes!

#2 is just continuing to make us laugh with his dances, expressions and words. His latest was "What the...." at all the right times. Funny, yes. Appropriate, no. So now he just tells me, "Mom, I didn't say 'What the...." Does that make it any better?

I had a good week of quiet times and Bible study. The Lord has really been working on me and it is an ugly process. Thankfully I have a great friend helping me out.

Go call a friend of yours and thank them for their faithfulness!

Happy Tuesday~

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Sarah L. Knapp said...

I am so happy for you and this new fellowship - it sounds like you are just where God needs and wants you today. I LOVE YOU SO!