Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i'd lost that lovin' feelin'

I started a new Bible study yesterday. A Beth Moore study called Stepping Up. It covers Psalms 120-134, the Psalms of ascent. Know what that means? I didn't either, not til yesterday. I am doing the study with a group of women on Tuesday mornings. There is childcare, yummy snacks and time to fellowship.

There is also a ton of time in the Word.

Here is my confession - I have been coasting for months. Living day to day, mostly relying on my own strength. Working hard at my jobs, raising my kids and attempting to keep house{i am getting better here!}

However, I have been severely neglecting my relationship with my Lord. Quiet times did not exist. Prayers were few and far between. I felt a tug on my heart on occasion, but generally ignored it. Figured things were OK. Figured I was in a busy season of three preschoolers, I had time to study my Bible later. It would all still be there.

Yesterday the Truth hit me and hit me hard. Yes, I am human and yes there are days when life overwhelms. However, as a proclaimed Christian I am disobeying when I do not study the Word. When I blow God off there are consequences.

Today was good, I got up early, prayed and did my homework. I know there will be a few days of awkwardness as I throw myself back into this relationship. There always is as you try to pick back up where you've left off. But I am going to muscle through.

I have missed Him.

I didn't realize how parched I was until I had a little sip yesterday.

I will keep you updated.

Happy Wednesday~


momofnolens said...

I'm there with you! I know that this Bible Study is going to renew and refresh a relationship that has been lacking for a long time. Isn't it amazing how God always gets shoved to the back burner when we get involved with our "busyness?"

DeAnn said...

I had to miss this week due to a prior commitment, but I watched the DVD today & we went to church tonight - the first time in too long for a Wednesday. I could've written your post myself. I was even thinking tonight that my soul has been so thirsty & tonight I got a great big ol' gulp.

See you next Tuesday!!

Kathleen said...

This could be my post! I am thirsty too and cannot wait to get into the study. I was heartbroken to miss yesterday but I've got the dvd and I'm about to put it in!

Kelly said...

Add me to the list as well. I had to miss yesterday, and I was so sad. I can not wait to get a hold of the DVD and book and jump in. I really need this bible study, and I am so happy I am able to attend over the summer.

Becky said...

I am glad you are doing this study! It is so important and we all often neglect it, letting everything else come first!
I like the saying, "If God seems far away, who moved?"!!! NOT Him, hugh?!!!
I'll miss being there this summer but, will be back at it in the fall with Interact.

Quiltermama said...

Me too, sister, me too!!!

So great to have you back!!!

Seemed like something was missing!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Chalcuckles said...

I started that study a few months ago and haven't picked it back up. I get so much out of Beth Moore's studies! Love you!!!

Whitney said...

We are staying put this week, but hope to make it back the middle of next week. We would love to see you guys when we go back!

Les said...

Your candor inspires! You definitely hit a chord with me.

I am loving the new study. One verse from this week that literally jumped out at me was Eph. 2:14: "For He himself is our peace." And I wonder why peace eludes me when I don't spend time with Him!!! Such a simple, but powerful message from the Spirit. Hope to see you at study tomorrow!