Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wonderful One!

I cannot belieive O is one. The time has flown. She has been such a smooth addition to this Brickhaus and she is loved more and more. Her little personality has remained sweet and she has an easy laugh and smile.
Her big brother and sister love her to pieces and like to carry her around. She can stand alone and push her little cart, but no solo steps yet. She has almost 7 teeth and the best curls.
We love you, #3!!!!


Jaci2424 said...

Im so excited that you are back in Cyberland!!! I cant believe she is already one, she is such a cutie. I really wanna get down there to see everyone but I dont know when Ill be able to. Love you guys!!!

Les said...

Happy Birthday O. She's too cute.

Justin said...

I love me some Olivia. :D

Can't wait to hear her talking!

Becky said...

3 little Bricks do a very sweet full house make! She is a doll! So happy to know her! Happy Birthday O!!

Sarah L. Knapp said...

Yay for O! I love you baby girl:-)

Anonymous said...

Love you so much my little Livy Lou!!


Anonymous said...

There once was a baby named "O",
she was a joy to everybody she 'know',
she turned one on her birthday--
and oh-what a great day---
soon whe will walk and talk like a pro!
aunt lisa

Anonymous said...

Wow, one already. Is it just me or does she look like her big sister in this picture? - Susie