Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful today for

*my Granny coming home from the hospital
*Aunt Bird and Neil making it official.....they're engaged!
*Friends who consider me wise
*Upside down cake, even when it is a flop
*Long naps by babies
*Prison sentences, when warranted
*Summertime dollar movies
*Art camp plans



Anonymous said...

I am thankful today for:
*Finishing a big 'ole texas size stack of PO's today at work
*Jaci's upbeat mood today
*Wonderful supper by my better-half ready and waiting when I got home from work this evening
*Granny leaving the hospital
*Justin coming home tomorrow
*My house still being clean from when I cleaned it this weekend

Sarah L. Knapp said...

Ooh - what's the plan for art camp? And any thoughts on MI?

Amanda said...

Glad to here Granny is coming home!! Congrats to Aunt Bird!! How exciting!

Justin said...

I'm thankful for a fightin' Texas Aggie week off.

Whoop. (I'm thankful for that, too! I'm officially an upperclassman, which means I can whoop. WHOOP!)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful I got to know you all better last summer.
So excited for Jori!!!
Glad to hear Grandma is out of the hospital, and hopefully doing better.
You are a great MOM Happy Mother's Day. Hope to see you this summer. >Love Aunt chris
Glad you are back on line miss