Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time for School-

It is Thursday, and that means Kat is once again hosting Parent's University. Today's topic is having fun as a family. I love it! I am actually tardy posting because we had fun as a family this morning and ran off to a little Creamery down the road and ate ice cream before lunch. It was a cheap tour and a gorgeous drive. I even saw a few bluebonnets.

We tend to have a lot of good times in this family. Please disregard my post from yesterday. Generally I am Queen of Fun! Some of my gal pals told me yesterday at the park that I was the fun mom. I don't think I am all the time, but I do like to let loose-

Here are 5 things we do to have fun around the Brickhaus:

1. Nocturnal Hunts: These started when I was in bed, pregnant with #3. Just before bedtime #1 and #2 got flashlights and Mr. Brick turned all the lights off around the house. They took turns finding things and sneaking around. Now we do this once or week or so.

2. Singing: Often. Loudly. To all types of music. I have an uncanny ability and am able to come up with a song or bit of a song to just about any word I hear. And I can rhyme pretty well. Yeah, come to think of it, I should have been a rapper....... Anyway, we sing all the time. Each babe has their song I made up for them and now #1 and #2 sing #3's songs to her when she gets fussy. My sister in law once told me I should annoy myself....I took it as a compliment!

3. Family Night Fridays: These are not regulated, more like we just emphasize the fact that we are all together, doing whatever we are doing. I am hoping to make the importance of this stick as the children get older.

4. Monday Night Supper Club: We have a menagerie of 5 or so friends join us each week for supper club. Sometimes we dress up, we always laugh hard and Justin often brings queso. The kids love having folks over. I love having folks share the table with me. #1 and #2 definitely notice when we don't have Supper Club.

5. Creating Table: I have somewhat of a passion regarding children and art and messes. 9 times out of 10 you will find paper scraps, crayons and creations strewn about my kitchen bar area. We try to keep it cleaned up, especially now that #3 is so mobile. The kids have scissors, playdough, paper, glue and when I am in super momma mode even paint at their instant disposal. It is fun!

Yep, the Brickhaus appears to be a fun place to live. I am so thankful for my quiver full of kiddos and my husband that allows such activity to take place. We are blessed!

P.S. One gift I have given my children is the gift of time out. We do like to tickle in this haus, but at the first moment you want it to stop, all you have to say is Time Out. I wet my pants too many times as a child!


Les said...

Your rapper comment cracked me up. I have never met you, but the image of you rapping was certainly good for a laugh.

alice said...

See... we told you you were the fun mom! I even heard a great compliment "behind your back" that your ability and fearlessness to think outside the box is one of the many qualities that make you such a great preschool teacher! This came from another friend who thinks outside the box and is also fearless when it comes to fun with kids. Me- I'm a box thinker... and my box... perfectly square! My fearless friend even pointed out... I fit perfectly in to it! My kids aren't miserable and we laugh a lot so square must not be all bad.......

Keep 'em laughin' girl! It's a gift!

Kat said...

Wow. You ARE a fun mom! What great ideas.

You went to BlueBell? Was it completely glorious?

Angela said...

Can we have a nocturnal hunt?

Quiltermama said...

Thanks for the ideas!!!

It's fun to do new things with the fam!!!

CarpioFamily said...

Ok, i would love to see you rap, i thinki may even pay to see that, how much would a dollar get me?? I think you so fun and funny, i remember seeing DD being funny, and (before i met you) thought, huh where is he getting this?? There you go, he gets it from his momma.