Wednesday, March 12, 2008


at the biggest loser.

I have lost the same 3 pounds at least three times now. Bah! Sometimes during the day I am motivated to be healthy and to treat my body like the Lord's temple it is. But more often I am in self destruction mode. Especially these last two weeks.

I started a new medicine several weeks ago in order to get my self back on track. Apparently having babies can mess with your system. Who knew? Anyway, my good doctor thought we would try these little blue pills (no, not those little blue pills) for three months to see if my body could regulate itself.

I am not enjoying it. I think they are making me grumpy. And weepy. And short tempered. And hungry. I wondered aloud yesterday if I could be aware of all these feelings and yet still feel like I had no control over the way I felt. More than one person told me yes.

So I think it might be the blue pills.

I am feeling good today, so far. My Biggest Loser crowd has added the challenge of most minutes exercised this week to the most pounds lost. Since I am not losing the pounds, maybe I will win the minutes. So far I am up to 205 minutes. Pretty good, but it is Spring Break.

Don't feel sorry for me and my little blue pills. I think acknowledging the problem is half the fight, right? I told Mr. Brick that I wanted to come up with a code word to use when I felt these waves of unreasonableness come over me.

Any ideas?

OK, thanks for reading this way too honest blog. Wendy says I need a filter!

Happy Wednesday~


Anonymous said...

I love you and all your filterless beauty! ;-) Oh, how I wish to be a Sanguine (sp?)! :-)

I'm not on any pills, and I feel the same way. I blame post baby hormone shifts. I should be back to normal by the time she's 2! LOL! Until then, I have to pray a lot!

The you have to use a "CB" (like the truckers use) voice:





Anonymous said...

well, dont stress too much over those three pounds Jamee, just keep on keeping-on and things will be ok. Hope you get your mood swings under control, that's so hard to deal with especially when you know you are being that way but cant help it and then you feel guilty. You hang in there, I love you.
aunt lisa

momofnolens said...

Since it is the blue pills causing the problem, maybe you should just shout "Code BLUE!" That should help out a bit if nothing else!

brickmomma said...

The pills are birth control pills. Someone suggessted i try a lower dose....I might call tomorrow.....

Kathleen said...

Those birth control pills always threw me for a loop the first few months so I totally understand. Definitely try a lower dose or just a different pill. That helped me.

Anonymous said...

Those pills were not a good thing for me- at all. I took them for years b4 SisterC with no problem, but then when I tried after her - they were terrible! Made me very sick and irritable. I havent taken them since then. I like quiltermama's CB voice- hilarious.
Seriously, I can relate. I went through baby blues when mine turned a year. I always chalked it up to weaning, but i think there are just major hormonal shifts that your body goes through at that time. With Gboy and now BabyA, I get these serious waves of sadness that come over me while I am nursing. DaddyD would appreciate a code word too, I am sure!
Hang in there! You are one of my favorite people & it is your ability to chat & relate that I appreciate most. Dont filter. Be yourself & be proud!

DeAnn said...

Those sound like the same little pills I was on last summer and after 2 months (and a fit over not having the proper ketchup to eat with McD's fries) Stan politely suggested I go back to the doctor to get something else!