Thursday, February 07, 2008

thankful thursday

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. And though it doesn't mean I haven't been thankful, it will be good to focus on one of my many blessings for a minute or two.

I am thankful for Mr. Brick. He continues to amaze me, wow me, out do me and VERY unintentionally make me feel like a jerk. Now he doesn't really know about the last part, but let me explain.

Monday our #3 had to stay home from Mother's Day Out, she had run a fever over the weekend. Mr. Brick was ready for some out of office time as well, so he volunteered to stay home. He insisted, in fact that I go on in, I had missed enough with all of the flu we have been having.

At about 1:30 I had to bring #2 home, he too spiked a fever. When I arrived at my simple abode the washer was churning, the dryer was rolling and the floors had been vaccumed. Yes, vaccumed. The kitchen was clean and dinner was marinating. How is it that he can get so much done in one day????

Hence, the jerk feelings that occassionally roll over me.

He just does what comes natural, and for that I am SO grateful. This morning when I came home from the gym he had coffee brewing and was assembling breakfast tacos.

I have a LOT to be thankful for. And I need to get to work on an awesome Valentine's surprise.... what are you planning?

Happy Thursday~


Les said...

I sometimes run into this same phenomenon with Hubby, aka Mr. Incredibly Efficient. How is it that he does it all so WELL and SO QUICKLY? When I ask, he answers quite simply. The housework, for him, is an escape - easily solved problems, immediate gratification for tasks completed. It really is a nice change for him from the rigors of the workplace. Also, he is more inclined to perform such tasks while at home than to spend hours reading to/playing with kiddos. Hope that helps!

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

I always get my hubby something awesome and meaningful and when I get nothing, I get bitter. SO this year I went back to basics and made my honey a mix-tape and a homemade card.