Thursday, February 07, 2008

Parent's University

As I have mentioned before, Kat is hosting Parent's University each Thursday. This week's topic is organization.


The end.

I have nothing to add to this discussion. I am not very organized and each additional child has decreased my mental capacity to organize.

I long to be organized. Maybe I need a thesarus{and perhaps a dictionary, as my spell check won't connect and I don't think that is spelled right} so I don't bore you guys by saying the word organized one more time.

All I do right is pack lunches the night before.

What do you do to be organized? Help a girl out!!

Happy Thursday, again~


The Secret Life of Kat said...

You pack your lunches the night before...I need to do that. My kids only go to school one day a week and I'm always scrambling that morning to get the lunches ready...

See - you're more organized than you thought!

Becky said...

I was SO OVER THE TOP organized before I had kids!!! I think many of us lose that ability with parenting! I definately pack lunches night before--would NEVER be on time! We come in back door of house, by utility room--there are shelves and baskets in there for everything to have it's place...keeps lots from being drug into and throughout the house. I keep large, dry erase calendar in laundry room, everyone in family has a different color marker, and keep track of all activities on it. Once yours start school and extra activities, you'll need something like this!!
I think you have it pretty together for all that you do!!!

Lisa H said...

Funny! I didn't post a parents university today because I don't think I'm a very organized I laughed out loud when I read your post! Love it.

Oh, and advice here. I'm still looking for some!

Les said...

I lack the organization gene. My sis Laurel is truly gifted in this area. I think I'm doing all right and then I open her closets and/or pantry. Then I smash headlong into the reality that in fact I'm quite DISORGANIZED. Sigh.

Chalcuckles said...

Good organization skills are not what your kids will fondly remember about you. They'll have fabulous memories of your family nights, the supper clubs, and all the other wonderful times your family shares.

Don't let a PERCEIVED lack of organization skills discourage you, dear one. You are a fabulous mom in the ways that count the most.

I have a friend who told me about going to hang out at friend's house when she was in middle school. That kid's mom was soooo anal about organization that she gave everyone a list of things to do when they came in....even her kids' friends. LOL. I don't think her list-making and organizational skills made anyone happy in that household.

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

The Duggars (Family of 17 kids) have a book on their website by a Christian who teaches families to get organized. I keep meaning to get it but alas, I am not organized enough.... :o)
We have a basket for each family member in the living room (I'll post a pict on my blog) with each family member's picture on the front. I put reminders, personal belongings (like dirty socks), and Steve keeps his phone and keys in his when he gets off of work. The rule is that if your basket is messy, then you don't get special prizes throughout the week. The kids love their "mailboxes" and it keeps my house clean. We also keep a calendar like Becky's and a meal calendar. You tend to buy more and eat out more when the meals aren't planned out for you.
The kids also have 'stations' to keep their stuff sorted and organized, and even 3 year old Kalea, is held accountable for her stuff.