Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I blog

1. To keep record of daily happenings at the Brickhaus

2. An online journal of sorts, with free therapy in the version of comments

3. As a storytelling practice

4. To keep up with far away family

5. I love to read other people's news and assume they want to read mine ;)

6. Everybody else is doing it, it must be fun!

7. It isn't hard and lots of my life is

8. Because Sarah did first

9. It is addicting

10. I enjoy it

I had a mini conversation with a friend over the last few days about why we blog. As I just read over my entries from when #3 was born I was filled with the same emotions of those days. It was neat to be able to see what I was thinking during the middle of the night when I was trying to nurse. It made me smile to see the comments others made for my big kids on their birthdays.

Someday I hope to print these out and save them. Or maybe put them on a disc?

Why do you blog?
And what do you do with it?

Happy Tuesday~


Sarah L. Knapp said...

I too love to go back to old posts and read what was happening a year ago today, etc.

As for what I do with the blog posts, I copy and paste them into a word file so I have a digital journal (I am terrified blogspot will cease to exist one morning and all my thoughts will be swept into a big black hole). But I don't save the comments which I think would be cool too.

Oh and, last fall, I printed out a few months worth for my grandma who's not on the web to read, she loved it:-)

Oh, and, one more thing;-) I love reading other's blogs and am sad when they don't update regularly so that's why I keep it going. Plus it keeps me writing even if it's not much:-)

Nicole said...

on that note- I would love to hear how people are making permanent their blogs.... hard copy? disc?? sound off....

Les said...

I'm so glad I have a blog. I hope Reagan will one day read all of the posts, and I think it will be an amazing treat for her to read the ones from her dad. I was writing down so many memories for both of us to treasure and I wasn't even aware of it.

Anonymous said...

I blog because I am lonely.


The Saenz Family Rawks said...

I blog because I am lonely too and because when people leave me comments, it really makes my day. With no job, no church and no friends, I am kinda limited to the outside world. Everyone's blogs keep me in touch with my far away pals. My only friend here (Kalea) yells at me all the time. I am ready to pass the terrible threes and enjoy the fours.

Becky said...

OK CeCe and Sarah,
Your posts made me so sad! You both need to come back!!
I just started:
1.thought it would be fun
2.everyone else was doing it (course that has not gotten me scrapbooking!)
3.because I don't want to scrapbook, I can journal and save memories this way
4. I like to write and can be good at times!
5.Someone might like to read what I say??? A few friends have linked me to thiers and left me comments!
6.I want to save mine in some way too for my kids!
7.Keeps family and friends far away in touch with us--altho we're not that exciting
8.I enjoy reading others so, joined in!
Wow Jamee! Guess I should have listed on my own blog!! :o)

Becky said...

I'm ashamed I forgot to mention one very important goal I have for my blog, to be a witnessing tool!!! I think that should be #1 on my list!

TBSHARP said...

I blog because somedays I don't talk to adults except through my blog.

I blog because I am such a smartalik that if I don't get it out somehow I will explode.

I blog because people need to be informed of how evil squirrels actually are.

I blog because if I can make my friends laugh without even seeing them then the time was worth it.

I blog because it is the least expensive of my hobbies.

I plan to download the pages to PDF and print them out for the kids books. I think I will do them yearly.