Monday, January 28, 2008

Better mood~

Just wanted to say I am in a better mood today. Thanks for the ability to rant yesteday. I never want to portray that my life is all diet dr. pepper and popcorn.....or always smiley, know what I mean?

I do occassionally have bad days and will sometimes post during those moments. Just gonna be real here.

The project got off to a good satrt for my husband and we had a great day in preschool. We made ice cream in a baggie. Have you ever done that? It is good stuff! We had supper club tonight and as usual laughed until we cried, hurt and nearly peed our pants. Or maybe that was just me.

Thanks for the prayers and the encouraging words. They really mean a lot........and I DID lose some weight last week, wahoooooooooo!!

Happy Monday~


Sarah L. Knapp said...

Yay on the weight loss - you are a freakin' ROCKSTAR!

And I am glad today went well - we all have those moments/days/periods of time when nothing seems encouraging. Paying bills tonight is one of those times for me. I wish I had people to laugh with, so I'll live vicariously through you:-)


Becky said...

Yeh! Weigh-to-go!!! :o)
I'm going to get re-inspired by you and get back at it too!
Like I told you, we all hit those points...oh, part of the blessing of being woman! Hear us roar! hee!
Have a super Tuesday!