Thursday, November 01, 2007

A princess and a stump

Yep, you read that right. A tree stump. That is what #2 wanted to be for Halloween. And being the degreed momma that I am, I tried to make it happen. I was pretty proud of the outcome. It was his idea to have the bunny coming out....he named him Pumpkin(thanks mrs. borski!)

We had a fun Halloween, we treated at some houses we knew and made an appearance at the Fall Festival at our church. The lines were relatively long but the candy was GOOD! #1 saw her Sunday School teacher who apparently adores her. I would say the feelings are mutual! I was dressed as a Black Eyed Pea, but I don't think any photos captured that beauty, ha.

Now we are on to Turkey day.........can you believe it? #3 is still sick. We went back to the dr today and virus is still the official diagnosis. She is good when the motrin is working.....and sad when it isn't.
Sorry the picture isn't is from mr. brick's sexy new iPhone while we research a new camera....any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Oh! hee hee hee! I saw the black eye and thought you were Petie the Puppy from the Little Rascals!!! :o)

Loved the Creativeness!!!

Hugs to #3!!!


Snap said...

I so wonder what David will be like when he's bigger - he's such a great kid (well none of yours are too shabby!!!).
I hope O is better - prayers. I love you! Sarah

MiChal said...

There's a great website that gives detailed information about digital camera models. It's what I've used to buy the last two we've got. Try www.megapixel.NET

Anonymous said...

I love my powershot A5400...great pictures. Of course, check with Liz C. in your SS class. She is the master photographer. She can give you tips on what to look for better than I. I just stick with what works:) CeCe

Andrea said...

Nikon D50 or whatever is close to that. Love it! Just ask Dayna, Suzan, and many others.
Oh - I saw the black-eyed-pea from across the parking lot and thought you were beautiful :)