Thursday, November 15, 2007

How has it been a week already? It seems like I just posted, but it was LAST Thursday. Sorry mom!

We have had a pretty good week. #1 sang at church last night and did really great. She has been so excited about singing on the stage and she knew all the words and hand motions. Poor #2 will remain #2 his entire life. At least he is a boy, so maybe that will ease some of the pain of always having to watch his big sister go first.

#3 still has a cough and she is wheezing as well. We started breathing treatments Weds night and I have seen little if any improvement. This cold snap has me worried....I don't want her to get pneumonia or RSV.

I ran this morning. And it wasn't easy. I forgot I was 30 on Tuesday and tried to do TWO classes at the gym. The sweet nursery lady came and got me 45 mins into the second class and I blessed her for rescuing me! Whew........body attack is some hard stuff! However, I did sign up for a 5K today at the Children's Museum, so I gotta keep training ;)

I met with a college student today for the second time. I am going to be discipling or mentoring her. I feel ill-equipped in so many ways, but already the conversations have flowed and we have found similarities. I at least have 10 years on her, so that has to count for something, right? It will be interesting, that is for sure!

I guess that is all the news here. There was a giant brick at the brick company in town and I was hoping to go by and take the kids' picture but it was only here for a day and is already gone. Sad day, as I was envisioning our Christmas photo!

Speaking of you have an artificial tree or do you get the real thing?

Happy Thursday~


{{shan}} said...

Artificial and PRE-lit! We got it 75% off at Lowe's the day after Christmas one year. It has something like 5000 lights on it. It puts out some serious heat, but no more tangled lights. I LOVE my tree. Oh, and I think your little singer is on the video on my blog. Feel free to link to your family. :)

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

We take a trek out into the country every year to get a real tree from the Christmas tree farm. The kids have a BLAST picking it out and 'helping' Daddy cut it down. Last year the kids picked out a tree that was THREE STORIES HIGH!!!! I took a great picture of them in front of it and then convinced them that a smaller tree was much cooler.
Breathing treatments can take up to a month to kick in, so don't get discouraged pal, they get better.

Snap said...

Artificial - it has a real wood trunk though. That way it can go up the day after thanksgiving and come down sometime around my dad's birthday:-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've watched the video on Shan's blog three times, and Papa watched twice. Definitely see some star potential!!! Thanks for blogging!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Is she on pulmacort or albuterol? Keep an eye on the wheezing. One of the biggest RSV symptoms is a strange cough. Not exactly wet or like a seal like croup but something in the middle-very distinctive. Becky should be able to recognize the cough. She and I both had little babies that had RSV. The breathing treatments will start improving soon.

Christine said...

I'm so glad you've met with your student...I've been meaning to ask you.

Anonymous said...

My tree is totally real...Just like Santa...Real in my heart--ha ha! We don't have pre-lit, however. We're hardcore that way...Just kidding...We just can't afford the prelit ones. :o) We love our tree anyway.

You should also ask if folks prefer colored or clear lights! I'd love to know! :o) We trade off depending on my mood...since I'm the official tree gal at our house (of course hubby puts it together....)! The colored tend to be my favorite, because, well, colors make me happy! Lots of childhood memories under a tree of bright colored lights! :-)

I'll be praying for O! I hope she gets over this soon and stays healthy for the rest of the winter!!!


Andrea said...

Uh real. There's no other way to get the true Christmas aroma.