Sunday, October 07, 2007

Belated Wishes

I missed Mr. Brick's birthday. Well, I actually didn't miss it, but I did miss blogging about it. He is not all about the pictures on the internet so this will be a post sans illustrations. Mr. Brick turned the big 3-1 on Friday and celebrated by working extra late. He is getting all kinds of work experience and is a part of some really interesting situations. That is good professionally for him, however we miss him when he is gone! We say extra prayers that he gets the bad guys and comes home soon to us!

I have known Mr. Brick since his 17th birthday. My nice journalism teacher wrote me an off campus pass to go put a coloring book picture{how cheesy is that?} on his truck windshield. Imagine my dismay when I finally located his truck in the rival high school's parking lot, only to find it shoepolished up.........obviously the work of some other equally smitten high school junior. I returned to BHS dejected. Later I found out it was his older sister that decorated his truck and that he liked getting the picture from me!

Mr. Brick is a wonderful man and I have posted to that point before. Today I will attempt to tell you 31 little known facts:

+he attended elementary school in Hawaii, Pakistan, Chicago and College Station
+his first truck was purple
+his sister named him years before he was born
+he has had 2 migraines in his life
+his best friend from high school is 7 ft tall
+he played the violin as a young boy
+he loves classical music
+his grandmother taught him to drive
+he spent a semester of high school in indonesia
+he gets seasick
+he loves to channel surf
+he'd golf more often if he could
+he cleans the house better than me
+he can tickle me without even touching me
+he has an imaginary friend named bob
+his memory ain't that grand
+he worked at the movie theater in high school
+he refereed in college
+he has burned himself in a tanning bed
+he has been to monaco
+he has been to macinac island
+he loves my hometown
+our first date was the movie 8 seconds
+he asked me to marry him at a laQuinta in new orleans on new year's eve
+i kissed him first
+he is allergic to dogs and cats and probably dust
+he loves to eat cabbage
+he has been fishing at the mouth of the Brazos river
+he carved our initials into a rock in big bend state park
+we do not enjoy the same type of movies
+the first time he told me he loved me he almost cried

these will embarrass him! if you see him give him a belated happy day shout out...he really is a wonderful man and we are so blessed to call him ours!!

we love you!


Anonymous said...

How cool is that???!!! I didn't know you were high school sweethearts!!! :-)

You're very blessed, my friend!!! (and he is too!!!)


Anonymous said...

Another fact about John: Given the choice "coke or water?", he will say "water". What a man! (this is a little inside joke...but one of Dan's favorite stories). John, hope you got your card...we love ya man!
aunt lisa & uncle dan

Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday, John! You've led a very interesting's to many more years...

leslie said...

Happy b-day to Mr. Brick! I had no idea he has lead such an international life. Did you know I was proposed to at a La Quinta also?? Funny.

Nicole said...

Saw Mr. Brick on the news last night!

Snap said...

I love that I know you guys both well enough to have known some of these fun facts about Mr. Brick! I love being family!!!! And happy belated birthday John!