Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, it's Wednesday

and I don't have much to report. Preschool is going well. My class is great and I can tell we are going to have a good year. They are relatively young so they don't have a lot of molding already....meaning they will get our routines down and not have to replace old school routines........does that make any sense?

Monday night we had our supper club and it was fun! There were a bunch of people in the kitchen and I think I will put Aggie S in charge of crowd control next week. We have no agenda with these meals, just friends getting together to eat some grub, love on each other and share life.........pretty simple. Oh, and we dress up! Next week is a mexican fiesta. Ole~

Yesterday was September 11th. I honestly didn't think about it until 4 pm when I turned Oprah on. She had children who lost a parent that day and I really choked up. I couldn't even sing O's empty bottle song to her, I was so verclempt. (is that how you spell that?)

I did run a mile last night. And in the morning I will meet my own personal trainer for another work out. She really thinks I can run 13 miles by January. We'll see.

Hope you are doing well. Hope you are learning something new. Hope you are being loved on.

Happy Wednesday~


Anonymous said...

Thanks you for blogging for your Mama!!

Snap said...

A trainer? Rock on! And yay for the mile ROCKSTAR:-)

Becky said...

What is supper club? You do this every week? fun.
Glad PS is going well! Glad you are there for them to experience you!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! I was trying to figure out Oprah's bottle song for about 5 minutes there! Sleep deprivation is really getting to me!!! :o) I'm relieved that I figured it out that fast!!! :-)

Oh, and I think it's possibly ferklempt, a Yiddish term. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!!! :-)

Love Ya Girl!!!


brickmomma said...

Jess- just re-read what I wrote and totally see how confusing that was....didn't even think of it. I have sung the same song to #1, #2 and #3 when they finihs their bottle. I am a dork that way. And thanks for speliing ferklempt!

Snap- My trainer is a friend of mine....nothing official. And we didn't even get to meet cuz she was up with her youngest half the night :( I will have to get it in on my own.

Beck- Our supper club is my sister and her 2 friends, my aggie cousin and another aggie girl we love. Started out way less organized than it is now. We are trying to do it every week. We dressed up western this past week....go to my profile and click on my other blog for pics....