Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I have a lot to be thankful for this Thursday. I took #3 to the dr yesterday for a recheck on her bronchitis and all was clear! We have to do breathing treatments morning and night for another week, but she was well enough to get her shots. And tough girl didn't cry til the 4th one! #1 waited in the hallway, she is NOT a fan of shots!

Yesterday was our first day of preschool. #1 and #2 were precious all spiffed up for school. I had an incredible day with my 7th class of preschoolers. That part seems unreal. I guess I am almost thirty.

The 10 three year olds in my class were so sweet and obedient and sang with me! I kept telling my assistant how thankful I was to be there. I didn't decide until near the end of the summer to go back to the classroom and I am so glad I did! #1 and #2 will have such fun with their friends and #3 will get loved on by sweet Ms. Ruby and Ms. Jean will keep me in line!

Last night we went to evening church and we learned more about the hows and whys of fasting. I am still committed to doing it along with my church family until the staff positions are filled. Things got a little rough around 3 pm on Monday, but Mr. Brick and I made it til 6 pm!

Our God is stretching us in our house right now, it is pretty exciting stuff! I am thankful for a God big enough to love me even when I have been so disobedient and goofy for so long. I am thankful for a husband who is searching after Jesus. I am thankful for 3 kiddos that right at this moment are the greatest things ever!

Question of the day...... where is obedience hard in your life?

Happy Thursday~


MiChal said...

Being diligent & disciplined. It's such work but when I do it the rewards are astounding.

DeAnn said...

Money. How to spend it. What to focus on. Do I NEED this or do I WANT it? Is it OK to want it, or am I being idolistic? If there was an area of my life that I had to describe as "needing to mature" it's this one.

emilybmyers said...

Worrying about silly stuff. I am a huge worry wart!! are about to be thirty?? Me too! When is your big day? Mine is in a couple of weeks!

brickmomma said...

one week from today i will be 30! i just saw an ad in the paper and there is an art and craft show here this weekend. if you turn 30 during 2007 you get in free. i am going just cuz that sounds so goofy! and i love free things!

Snap said...

A free craft show? Wow! 30 does have perks:-)

emilybmyers said...

I heard about the craft thing on the radio yesterday. Sounds fun. And hey there's gotta be something good about turning 30! Maybe I'll see you there:)