Friday, August 10, 2007

Notes & Quotes

We're home! We were traveling for 16+ hours yesterday, including a 4 hour delay in St. Louis. The following are notable quotations and quotable notes from our day......

*gas is more expensive in Michigan

*See you next year!"......we hope to make this trip an annual event......providing of course we pay this trip off first!

*6:30 comes early when you've enjoyed visiting til midnight

*One should double and triple check their departure time. We arrived at the Detroit airport 3 hours early!

*"I'll even let you hold the remote control." We all fell in love with Adam Sandler's song "Grow Old With You from The Wedding Singer sound track. My kids love them an Ipod!

*"We will let you know when your plane leaves Baltimore." "At this point we don't know when you are leaving St. Louis." "The plane is in the air!" Those poor folks coming in from Baltimore were stuck on the runway for the same 4 hours we were stuck in the airport! Thank goodness for bookstores and Burger King.

*Airport carpeting is really nasty.

*"Do you need an ambulance?" 4.5 hours into our stay at Lambert Airfield #2 ran into a counter and got a gash in his head. Blood. Frightened momma. Tough kid! No first aid station. We managed!

*Stewardesses on Southwest can be funny! We had one on each flight that had us cracking up. Guess they gotta do something to relieve the monotony of saying the same spiel 6x a day!

*"I'm all fanced up for dinner!" says #1 as we search for a place to eat dinner in the Big D at 830 pm.

*There isn't much along I45 heading out of Dallas by way of restaurant.

*Mr. Brick can navigate better than I can.

*Traveling with family to visit family can be such a huge blessing. My children were rock stars and Aunt Bird was the best au pair ever! We do hope to repeat the trip next year, however we don't need to spend quite so much time in St. Louis!

Happy Friday~


erin said...

david and i actually danced to that adam sandler song before we left our wedding reception.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home safe and sound! Also very glad you blessed your G-parents with the visit!!


Becky said...

Glad you had fun!
Glad you're back safe!
Great to see you today!

Snap said...

We have a thing about departure times don't we;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my I feel so bad you air line schedule was on my computer when you originally mailed it.
I can't wait until next year. So lonely now that everyone is gone again. Sending love and hugs
strawberry lady

DeAnn said...

I'm glad you made it back safely.

And I love me an ellipsis (...) every now & then too!

Anonymous said...

YAY family fun!!!