Sunday, July 22, 2007

Amazingly enough this baby weight is not just falling off of me. Now, if you have seen my in the last few weeks I am sure you are mighty aware of that. And I complain and complain about it. I told one friend we could be accountable to each other and check in on Mondays. I told another friend we would do the biggest loser together. But what i have failed to do is make a plan for myself.

I still haven't made that plan.



I ran




Can I get some love............I mean moving this lug of a body takes effort! And I did it. And if acknowledgement is the first step, I am here by acknowledging the fact that I need some help.

Hi, my name is Brickmomma and I am overweight ~

The meeting may begin now.

I am wanting to be healthy.
To fit into the many clothes I have hanging in my closet.
To be an example for my children.
To keep my heart and bones and muscles strong to keep up with 3 said children.
I have a milestone birthday coming up and I would like to be a fit birthday girl.
I will keep you updated..........if you care............and even if you don't :)
Wendy says I have no filter and that I share way more info than is necessary.....maybe this is one of those posts.....

happy sunday~


Anonymous said...

At least you have a baby to attribuite it to :) I'm afraid mine's just fat! :( AG

Anonymous said...

You can do it!! It does take time and lots of effort! I have lost nearly 15 lbs. since the end of school (I started my plan June 11th). I am following South Beach diet principals and working out alot on my treadmill. Of course mine is not 'baby weight' either, just letting myself 'go' as they say. This is my second time in about 3 yrs. to do South Beach....this time, I am making it my lifestyle! I also want to be healthy and feel better--and I do! I would be glad to loan you the book if you are curious about it. Hang in there! You'll get there...I'll pray for you in your efforts! Remember, you are a beautiful person--despite size or shape or weight! But, I know how we feel about how we look impacts our knowledge of knowing it's what is inside that's really important! It's important to be happy with ourselves and how we look, and feel! You will get there!!!

(I hope this is not my 2nd comment! I don't think the first one went thru!??)

brickmomma said...

15 lbs??????

That is incredible, Beck!!!!

Leslie said...

All I can say is you GO girl! I can't even jog my body for 2 minutes....the knees protest. I walk and it really does do wonders for the mood and general outlook on life.

My motto after having babes is 10 months up, 10 months down. These things take time. You will continue getting stronger with each day, and your energy will increase also. I will pray for you!!!! You plus our JC can definitely do this thang!!!

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

Way to go!!! I am so proud of you! You are beautiful no matter what, and I think that it's both awesome and amazing that you're acting from your heart and vocalizing what most mommies think inside their heads but never have the courage to say out loud. 10 minutes!! Wow! I too am in the 2 minute catagory. I could be out run by an 80 year old woman.
After our show last Friday, Steve and I both came home desiring to be in better shape. We too will pick up from your cue and good example and set the pace for our babies and family to be healthy.

Nicole said...

you go girl!

Anonymous said...

Whoop Whoop!!! I'm SO proud of you!!! For being so honest (I'm right there in the same boat with ya sister!!!)...and for doing something about it!!!

I just got the ok from my Dr. today to get going...So, now I need to get my hamhocks moving!!! ;-)

Much Love To Ya!!!


Anonymous said...


You are such a positive person...I know you can lose the weight if you set your mind to can do anything! I believe in you! I wish I could get my husband to lose weight. He's not motivated. You have 3 kiddos and a hubby that you want to be around for. Keep the faith!


DeAnn said...

I've discovered that you can no longer claim you have excess baby weight when said baby just turned 2.

I hear you loud & clear sister & I've started taking steps - albeit baby steps - to correcting the problematic number that is my weight.

erin said...

being the one she is accountable to ... she's doing MUCH better than i am and my baby is 7 months old now. i need to kick it up a notch to catch up to you now.

{{shan}} said...

I hate exercising, so running for 10 whole minutes = you are my hero!! Way to go Jamee!! If you jog for ten minutes for six days, you've run for an hour!! Little spurts add up...