Tuesday, July 31, 2007

10 on Tuesday

Ten restaurants I like to eat at.......

1.Texas Roadhouse
2. Cafe Eccel
3.The Blue Baker
4. Caffee Capri
5. Chik-fil-A
7.Macaroni Grill
8.Chef Cao's
9. Doc Green's
10. Ninfa's

Where do you like to eat?


The Saenz Family Rawks said...

I like to eat at the resturants whose gift cards end up on my doorstep. :o)
Texas Roadhouse and Blue Baker are on the top of my list.

Snap said...

Here are my top 10:
1. Chili's
2. Red Robin
3. Beppo die Buca
4. Chick-fil-A
5. Spagnolo's (Lansing)
6. North 11 (Kalamazoo)
7. Texas Roadhouse
8. Cheddar's
9. Subway
10. Pizza Hut

MiChal said...

1. Cracker Barrel (Alcoa TN)
2. Krispy Kreme (Knoxville TN)
3. P.F. Chang
4. Pei Wei
5. Thai Taste (sadly, it no longer exists)
6. Cafe Eccell
7. Cowboy's (St Augustine FL)
8. Lady & Sons (Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. I was in the audience on Paula's Party last summer!!!)
9. Sullivan's (Maryville TN)
10. Christopher's

Anonymous said...

1. Roadhouse!!
2. Olive Garden (it is really about the bread on #1 and 2)
3. Benihana's
4. Saltgrass Steak House
5. Pappadeauxs


Anonymous said...

1. That AWESOME coastal Mexican place (not Rosa's) off University...Been there once, cannot remember the name...
2. Christopher's (been there once too but AWESOME!!!)
3. Omigoodness! Pappadeaux!!!
4. Blue Baker
5. McAllister's Deli
6. Brennan's (in New Orleans)
7. Arrandas
8. Double Dave's
9. Churrosco's (S. American cuisine in Houston...MISS THAT!!!)
10. McDonald's (JUST KIDDING!!!)
11. Chik-fil-a

Thanks, Miss J! Now, I'm hungry (and it's 9:40 p.m.!)

Love Ya!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I remembered the name...(the Mexican restaurant)


Run, don't walk...Go there!!! ;-)

~La Quiltermama

{{shan}} said...

Did you know they are trying to put a new building where Cafe Eccel currently is? If it happens, they want to try and get the first floor of the building. Anyhoo... Here's my top 10
1. Mi Cocina
2. Rosa's
3. Zarapes (are you noticing a theme?)
4. Texas Roadhouse
5. P.F. Changs
6. Cracker Barrel (you know I have a thing for their pecan pancakes)
7. Cold Stone (is that a restaurant?)
8. Pappadeaux
9. Chik-fil-A (that kind of goes without saying...)
10. J Cody's

Leslie said...

1. Christopher's (a rare, rare treat!)
2. Cafe Eccell
3. Outback Steakhouse
4. Doc Green's
5. Blue Baker
6. Pappasito's
7. Outback Steakhouse
8. Dairy Queen (dessert only)
9. Cafe Hubby (my man makes the best burgers in town)
10. La Bodega (try their queso - it's the best)

This is quite bad to prepare the aforementioned list at 10:40 p.m. My mouth is watering!!!

Snap said...

Ok - I want to add PF Chang's too!!!

Nicole said...

ok, pregnancy or pre-pregnancy? :)
I am going to go with waht sounds good right now-

do I get to pick just 10?

here goes-
1. Olive Garden
2. Roadhouse
3. Casa Ole (I know, I know... cant help it- they have that green sauce & great sweet tea)
4. Cracker Barrel
5. Chick-fil-a
6. Jasons Deli
(oops- got off my numbering- not gonna re-number)
Ninfa's ranchero nachos- YUM!
7. Maggie Moos bubble gum ice cream- yes, you heard me right!
8. Pizza Hut deep dish
9. Honey Bee Ham chicken salad sandwich on that yummy bread
10. Freebirds- veggie burrito with lots of rice & cheese
11. Does jamba Juice count??
12. Cheddars potato soup & salad
13. On the Borders's chicken burrito
14. Schlotskys- smoked turkey & spinach

OOOHH- you said just 10...

DANG, I'm hungry!

Nicole said...

I forgot Casa Rodriguez....

brickmomma said...

ok, you guys are a hungry bunch!

ate at olive garden tonight. it may make my list bc of the free desserts! myrna is a sassy senora~

Leslie said...

So glad you took in the movie. The male lead was cute. Did you cry??

Jennifer Bacak said...

Thank you to the person who put La Bodega on their list!!! It's my absolute favorite!!!

DeAnn said...

Shame on you! I'm so hungry right now & it's too late to do anything about it!

1. Salt Grass
2. Taste of Texas
3. Lasagna a la Stan
4. Casa Rodriguez
5. Starbucks - iced latte - yum!
6. Pappasito's
7. Pappadeaux
8. Outback
9. On the Border
10. Cafe Eccell
I would've added Swensons and Deluxe Burgerbar but they're gone now & I miss them so very much!