Friday, June 01, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: Baby O ate at 1030 last night and not again til 5 am! Of course, I started waking up every 45 mins or so, starting at 230. Which leads us to the bad....

The Bad: I have been leading #1 to the potty during the night after feeding #3. With no middle of the night feeding, subsequently there was no potty trip and at 330 I was awakened by the sweetest voice ever "Mommy? I had an accident." Now if you have read this blog before you know my feelings on wet sheets. NOT my favorite thing. However #1 was so sincere in her apology and so thankful I helped change her that she changed my heart. There will soon be a time when I am not needed in this capacity and I am thankful for these middle of the night hugs, wet sheets and all.

Oh, and the Ugly: I have about 30 lbs to lose, Target clothes were not nice to me last night and I am to be on the stage Sunday morning when we dedicate #2 and #3. Granted, folks won't be looking at me, but you know how it is when you feel less than your best. Next week marks 6 weeks, so back to the exercise I shall go.....

Happy Friday~


Leslie said...

You make me laugh, especially because I SO relate! Each time spent dedicating babes at church sent me into a tailspin of crying when nothing suitable to wear could I find! It always seemed to make me face the reality that my post-baby body wasn't going to "bounce back" without a little help from me.....good luck! Wish we lived closer and we'd take a nice power walk.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Leslie. We've ALL been there. Except for my HS friend, April, who puts on her pre-pregnancy jeans to leave the hospital. And, well, I have to work to forgive her for that! LOL!

You are beautiful, and I know you'll find something that makes the best of your current curves!

Just like the dream-like days (hazy at times, I know) of caring for your new baby, time will go on all too quickly and things will get back to "normal" (overrated, that normal is!). You are in an extraordinary place right now. Be sure to enjoy the best of it, the stuff that goes all too quickly. The rest will fall into place, but hopefully not too low, LOL! Speaking from my own anxiety! ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the baby weight will slip right off! You are pretty now and you will be even slimmer and trimmer later. My goodness you just HAD the baby! It isn't like me who adopted a baby and STILL has the same problem:) I love you to pieces friend! Kiss your 3 for me!!