Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

There are definite advantages to having your children 369 days apart. #1 and #2 are such natural playmates. It makes my heart sing when I hear their verbal exchanges that are polite, kind and friendly. They are recently into making up games that only they really understand the rules to and point of and they will laugh hysterically at themselves. Their imaginations are soaring.

Of course there are moments of inflicting pain on one another, like yesterday when #2 just hit #1 on her back for no apparent reason. And I am not naive enough to think that those won't increase in years to come. However, it is my prayer that the positive interactions far outweigh any negative as they grow. And a built in best friend will come in handy in these next few months when #3 arrives and I am otherwise occupied......

So, on this Thursday I am thankful for my babes, a mere 369 days apart!

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