Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10 on Tuesday

Ten things you need when traveling by car with 2 small children:


2.DVD collection

3.2 of every toy


5.Extra clothes

6.Wet wipes


8.Kid music on the ipod

9.Water bottles


We are heading out this morning to visit some family and are getting more prepared at this traveling game. It is about time since #1 is almost 4! The van has certainly made this easier and we are planning on having an uneventful trip.

Happy Tuesday~


Anonymous said...

Ten Things You Need if Your
Child(ren) (in my case, both) Get the Vomit Virus on Spring Break:

1. LOTS of paper towels

2. Every children's DVD known to Disney and to mankind

3. A good sinus infetion of your own to block out the smells

4. Great balance to carry large buckets of cleaning water and to, minutes later, step over those mopped places to carry a vomiting child to the toilet

5. An ability to reach in DEEP for a sense of humor about the situation...As you hold your child's hair back...

6. Rubber bands to hold the child's hair back after the, oh, 8th or so trip to the toilet in 2 hours

7. A childlike sense of comfort gained from the soothing voice of the just awakened pediatrician on the other end of the line, telling you your child will not dehydrate over night, even if he/she vomits the entire night...(we test drove this theory)

8. A never ending supply of Jello, Gatorade, and encouragement for the first 6 hours.

9. A never ending supply of bananas, applesauce, rice and toast for the next 18 hours after that...And, a stealthy plan for how to feed regular food to the sibling who happens to be well for that day.

10. Most importantly, a solid faith in God, that he wouldn't put anything in front of you that you can't handle...Especially good for those mamas who have been up all night, consoling sick babies.

I pray that everyone else is having a well and fabulous Spring Break!!! :-) It looks like Brickmomma's family is doing a great job of it!!! Much love to ya'll! I'm looking forward to the well portion of ours!!!

--La Quiltermama

Nicole said...

Who's Quiltermama? That is a great list! Poor thing, though!!!

So, I guess you are breaking in your van!!!! You arent holding to a no food rule? We try & fail, try & fail, clean the van out, try again & well, let's just say that breakfast on the way to school happens, alot. :-)