Thursday, January 04, 2007

If you do not have children, let me prepare is a roller coaster ride. Now today is just a mini-coaster, the kind you find in the kiddie section. Both #1 and #2 have icky, yucky coughs and were running fever last night. Both were up multiple times during the night and when #2 called out at 7 I knew any chance for more ZZZZZs was gone. I was irritated, tired, and generally grumpy when I had to get out of bed when Mr. Brick left at 745.

Now I am listening to the sounds of them playing together, throwing a bouncy ball down the hallway and laughing hysterically. Are these the same kids? Am I the same momma? I am smiling inspite of myself.

The fevers are gone, but the coughs remain. We are headed the the dr before lunch. Hopefully we will get some anti-pneumonia medicine to kill the bad guy germs living in their chests and can get some good sleep.

These are the days that are oh so common. One minute I am sincerely questioning my mental capacity to do this all again with #3 and continue on for 18+ more years. Then next I am wondering how anyone can live without these sounds, hugs, kisses and relationships.

So, parenting is not for the fair of heart. The rewards are huge yet the sacrifice hurts at times. I wouldn't trade these moments for anything. I love #1 and #2 and #3!


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I can totally relate...
one minute I'm thinking "this is great" and the next "Calgon take me away"

Sorry we missed you today. But glad the kids are feeling better. Maybe next week?