Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

So this last day of 2006 has been pretty swell already. We went to church and I saw two old of which I was super surprised to see...made my heart smile. Then we went to eat pizza at DD's, a new family tradition. After we came home we played Dora/Diego/Daisy/Donald for about 30 kiddos' imaginations inspire me.

We have finally gotten the little Bricks down for a nap and now I am doing my favorite thing ever....scrapbooking! I went shopping yesterday with my Granny and sis and hit the jackpot at HobbyLobby's 66% off sale. Now, I am not working on anyhting I bought yesterday, but I have just finished scrappin' 2005....woohoo.......I feel good that I am just a year behind. To some folks that is nearly caught up :)

I do have #1 and #2's books to catch up on, but as a family we have made it into 2006....

I pray your 2006 is ending with joy as mine is and that 2007 is full of His blessings on your life~

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