Friday, January 26, 2007

13 thankful things on Thursday

I am borrowing a different format from some friends....

I am thankful for(in no particular order):

1. Double Dave's lunch buffett. Especially the spinach alfredo pizza and choclate chip pizza!

2. Growing pregnant tummies. If I say this enough, won't it come true?

3. Naps. However, waking up children who sleep past five is hard!

4. I CRAVE the sunshine.

5. That milk is on sale, $4 a gallon at Krogers.

6. Mr. Brick put away a bad guy today.

7. #1 got her first patch at AWANA last night.

8. The Office. It is a funny show that Mr. Brick and I can watch together! He is keeping me straight on what is happening.

9. My friend is having a baby girl.....yay! Tho she was hoping #3 would be a boy and is processing thru that.

10. I will be scrappin in 2 weeks!

11. It is 3:15 am and I cannot got back to sleep :( Not really thankful for this one....hmmmm....

12. Meatball bites are yummy-o.....right Justin?

13. #1 beat Justin and Mr. Brick at Uno 3 times in a row! Way to go girl! Really, more thankful that we had a family night tonight and I wasn't having to work......tho I am thankful for my jobs, too!


Anonymous said...

Meatball bites are Amazing. And #1 cheated. ;)


Snap said...

I love naps:-) And The Office and that you play Uno. I miss family nights even if it was a different family! I miss you - hope you guys have a great weekend. I have to work tomorrow, boo! but at least it's sunny here:-)
Love, S.