Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So my oh-so-talented cousin came over tonight to eat some grub, watch the charlie brown Chirstmas show and update my blog....yay! He added a counter and some links to other blogs I read regularly....fun times.......

We put our first tree up in our new house. A friend donated her gently used tree to our cause. So far it has lights, but we were too hot tonight to bring in the rest of the decorations from the garage....80 degrees on November 28th, ugh!

I learned a ton today about selfishness and my calling in the world. It will be its own post, hopefully tomorrow. I have become much more energetic this week, I have even exercised 2 mornings in a row! I also think I have gained about 7 lbs since my last visit.....how much does leftover dressing weigh?

Happy Tuesday!


Justin said...

That's one of my favorite songs too! Thanks for dinner...AWESOME.



Snap said...

I miss you:-) And I am never sure I'll get used to Christmas decorations and warm weather - weird. Very weird!