Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's been awhile.....

Yes it has! I haven't posted in quite some time and I apologize. I am not sure if I have any folks who check my blog regularly for updates but I do that to other blogs and I know how frustrating it is to continue to check back with nothing new to read!

A few things have happened:

*I thought I had the stomach bug.
*#2 DID have the stomach bug.
*Two days later I certainly DID have the bug, too!

This has been a monster of a bug, ripping through our school, staff and friends like nothing else. If you haven't had it yet, watch out!

Also Mr. Brick's most wonderful aunt passed away. We were gone to celebrateher life with friends and dear family in a way that I am certain made her proud. Because Mr. Brick and Ihave been together for so long this woman was essentially my aunt as well and I am so sad in missing her. She had struggled with brain cancer since February and the last few weeks were not good. The Lord knew how much better Heaven was for her (for all of us!) and ended her suffering on Thursday afternoon.

She lived a full life, 3 children, 8 grandchildren and numerous cousins and other family that loved her dearly. She was the organizer of reunions, the perfect birthday card finder, the best candy maker....and always smiling......

So, we have had our days and nights full lately. I have said more than twice today tha I am honestly not sure I can handle 3 children. But what choice to I have at this point? :) Just say a prayer for our family if you get the inkling!

Happy Tuesday~


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do look daily and miss you when you don't post, even if I talk to you!! Don't worry about three....you're the best Mama of two ever, and three will just multiple the blessings!


Snap said...

You are so strong! All the bricks are lucky to have you:-)
Glad you are feeling better. I love you!!!

Laura Pattillo said...

I am so sorry to hear about John's aunt. I also know there is peace that she is no longer suffering and that she is with her father God and is having a great time with him.

As far as having the 3rd - remember that He never gives us more than we can handle and I know that being the awesome and amazing mother that you are you will be able to handle all 3 kids with grace, love and patience.

Love to all!