Friday, November 03, 2006

i am not lonely

This is wierd. It is 8:23, I am home alone, the music is blaring and I am full of energy. Tomorrow is the big garage sale so the big grand bricks took the baby bricks to another town to spend the night. Mr. Brick is out welcoming in the new hunting season. I am cleaning out closets, toy rooms and the like. I think it is the first time I have been alone in my new house and feeling well. I have been sick a time or two and have been left alone to rest in bed, but I am awake, energetic and I have a mission! However, I stop every so often to check email, read blogs and just catch my breath~

I started out the toy room excavtion feeling very sentimental about choosing toys to sell. However, I realized very quickly that baby brick #3 will have many things to entertain him or her and ANOTHER stuffed lamb was not nessecary!

(ooops, my CD just ended and between the lions started, brb)

Ok, that was a close one! So, I have boxes of cast off toys, boucoups of cast off kitchen gear and a hodge podge of other goodies. Don't you wish you were coming to my sale? I think this break is over......

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Anonymous said...

So, did you make a lot of dollars? :-)