Thursday, July 13, 2006

little bricks are the little bricks. and they are getting bigger each day. Little brick #1 has began asking the big questions.......yesterday it was "How did God make paper?" On the way home from the lake it was "How do you cut a fish to eat it?" She got quite an education yesterday into the intricacies of nursing babies as my friend was feeding her 2 month old at the pool. I try not to squash her inquisitiveness with vague answers, but sometimes I just don't know everything :) Little brick #2 is really trying to figure himself out. He can go from a full fledged tanturm in the car to suddenly stating "I stopped crying" just as calm as can be. Now it is my belief that if someone is able to turn things around so quickly perhaps they shouldn't be having the fit in the first place. But who am I to judge to emotional stability of a 2 year old? The big bricks had a rough morning today trying to get everyone out the door. It makes me so thankful that I am only working part time and this summer I don't think it even counts as part, more like mini time.....It does get us out of the house and makes me thankful for my own little lovely bricks when we return home. I will be leaving town in the morning for two days and I keep waffling back and forth from relief/guilt and sadness at missing something sweet that one of them might say. Mr. Brick often says he wishes his brain was a video camera so that he can record everything that happens. It's true, the best moments are never captured on film. As soon as we get the camera out, the silliness takes over and although that is really cute too........ I am hoping to do some of that recording with this blog, to remember daily moments and lovely situations with all of the bricks, birds, kats, bugs and others in my family.....keep the comments coming!


Snap said...

It's okay with me if you answer vaguely. Heck - I've been known to from time to time:-)

SaRaH said...

Your little Bricks are too cute!