Sunday, July 30, 2006


I am feeling like a terrible kids have driven me nuts today. First of all, we had way too much time together......and then both #1 and #2 were so whiny! Why is it that on days one wants to fight, the other is right there ready? I know this is so normal for little preschoolers and I know I am okay in feeling crazy, but I still don't like it!
They are in bed now, not quite asleep and I am ignoring #2's cries for more mommy time. I am a firm believer in falling asleep on their own, never one to rock my babies to sleep. And there he goes....... quietly into never never land........resting up for another day of rambunctios 2 year old behavior. Today was harder some how because Mr. Brick was also home to deal with the babes......I feel bad when his time off is spent in tantrums and crying jags.......however, what is one to do? We will all go to sleep now, pray for sweet dreams and try again tomorrow. Buenos noches~


Snap said...

Oh dear - and here I am going through photos of our weekend together, remember how sweet and funny the little ones are:-) But I know the flip side too. You are in my prayers, you are an AWESOME Mommy! AWESOME:-)
Have a good night/morning. I love you!!!

SaRaH said...

If anyone had told us how hard having babies was, would we have listened? LOL and we thought the labor part was the toughest... The good thing is that we are all on this crazy bus together, and when all is said and done and our babies become productive members of society, then our crazy bus will turn into an RV and we will look back and miss those days of weeping and nashing of teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brickmama! Hang in there! We've all been there...It's a true roller coaster with ups and downs, but I'm sure we'll all be glad we were there for the ride in the end! Lots of love to ya!

Your Friend the Quiltermama :-)