Sunday, July 30, 2006


No church this morning. I am bummed. Our Sunday School class is having a breakfast social and diaper shower and I really wanted to go. I enjoy visiting, mingling and of course, eating yummy breakfast goodies. However #2 had a fever yesterday, poor guy, and therefor we are keeping him home today. I imagine it was just a 24 hr virus, aka bug in his mouth( so says #1), but I don't want to pas it around or get it again! Last night Mr. Brick kept him home while #1 and I went to a fun pool party and I am sure he would do the same this morning while I went to Sunday School, but that doesn't seem right, somehow.......I should also go to service at 830 and I just didn't get it together in time........Casstaylor, I owe you some diapers!
#2 is beginning to catch up with the funny quotes of his big sister! As we were driving home from the other Brickhaus on Friday night it was dark. #2 wanted to see something in the car, started crying and said "Open the light. Open the light!" It was funny to hear his urgency. I wish I could record all of his words, soon his voice will be of a bigger boy and I wil forget his little voice. I am really afraid I won't even notice it is happening until it already has.......
I hear the other Bricks reading in the family room. One of my favorite sounds.......Mr. Brick reading stories to the Little Bricks. I have such a wonderful husband. A true partner in this whole parenting thing. He participates in all arenas, changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, and bath time is HIS job. I know I expect so much from him, yet he gives and gives and gives.....a blessing to me and our family. I love you Mr. Brick!


Snap said...

Give the little bricks kisses from me:-) You are both so blessed to have each other. If I didn't love you all so much I'd be jealous;-)

SaRaH said...

Mr Brick should hang out with Mr Sign and teach him some things. Life is such a blessing with help from the big guy.