Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

When my first born was a wee babe I had a thing or two to learn about parenting. {ahem.....}

One lesson was how to get her to fall asleep. While I was confident that I would train her to fall asleep on her own, it did take routine and practice. Then the middle of the night times when I needed her to get BACK to sleep presented obstacles, as well.

One way I found to calm her down was to sing Amazing Grace. It was the longest song I knew all the words to. I know that this is proof positive that God allows newborns to attach quickly to their mommas. Because I have a terrible voice and any sane person would be more agitated by my constant singing, not pacified by it.

However, #1, did in fact enjoy Amazing Grace. At some point during a church camp experience I learned a different tune and that is the version I sang to her. Again and again and again.

I vividly remember the first time she tried to sing with me. She wasn't two yet and her words were garbled, but the tune was crystal clear. It made me cry then and if I think too long about it now I still get misty eyed.

I sang the same song to my #2. It had similar effects on his bedtime routine.

And I continue to sing Amazing Grace to my #3. I just laid her down for a nap and she asked me to rub her back before I left. This is a relatively new request, but I like it! And as I rubbed I sang my tune. The same tune I have been singing for seven years.

I hope that those words are deep in my babes' souls. I pray that if they ever wander they will know the truth deep deep down. I once was lost. Now I am found.

And I ask God to protect my children through the many dangers, toils and snares they are bound to walk through on this earth.

And I claim the Lord's grace for them until they feel it for themselves. My #1 has professed such faith and I am earnestly praying the same for #2 and #3.

And as long as they'll let me, I will sing Amazing Grace to them.

I am thankful for the opportunity.

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Thursday~

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