Friday, January 02, 2009

Feelin' Fine in 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope this finds you fondly remembering sweet holiday times with your family and friends as we begin a new year.

Can you believe it is 2009???

Seriously. Mr. Brick and I got married in 2000 so that we{he} would be able to quickly calculate our years of wedded bliss. Thursday we will count to 9. N*I*N*E. Crazy!

I am hesitantly hopeful this new year. December was a whirlwind, both good and not so good. Happy and sad. A friend had her baby. A friend lost her daughter. I came to a place of realization and am aware of the depths of my sin. Yet again. How is it that I am continually forgiven when I continually sin? I am completely unworthy and overcome with thanksgiving at the same time.

Yeah, big stuff.

My track buddy and I were talking while we jogged and she told me she had two words to focus on for 2009. Words that she would repeat to herself and try to live by. That seemed like a doable plan so I have been thinking of my own words for 2009.



Doozies, huh?

I know. But I am confident that I can do all things with Christ on my side. Paul says so in Philippians. I am also certain that I have been walking a much shallower walk than my big talk and that Christ is calling me into submission. Because no one can serve two masters. The Bible says that too.

Come to think of it, the Bible is full of useful information that I am challenged to delve into.

Last January my cousin issued a plea that we read thru the entire Bible in one year. She even gave me a Bible broken down into daily readings. I started the plan. I can't even tell you when I fell off the wagon, but it was rather soon.

This month my pastor issued the same challenge. He is going to give daily readings and then during Wednesday services we are going to discuss them. I am going to try again. Because my Lord is one of second chances. And third. And 100th. I pray I won't need 100 chances to get things straight, but I know He will forgive me 101 times!

So, think about it. What are your words for 2009?

Happy Friday~

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Sarah L. Knapp said...

Strength. Perseverance.
I love you so. And keep reading:-) I am going to start The Upmost for His Highest again this year - will be maybe my 3rd or 4th time through and I love it. And I love the person who introduced me to it!!!!