Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2nd Verse

*Some of you may recall from last year my attempt to limit my computing time. I am addicted. My home is suffering. My family life is suffering. I have other things I want to spend my spare moments on.

I told a friend yesterday that this machine is sucking the me out of me. That might sound a bit dramatic and perhaps it is. All I know is that I sit down at this screen at least 20 times a day for at least 5 minutes at a time. At least.

I told Mr. Brick I wanted him to take the keyboard with him to work, but he said it was such a pain to unplug from behind. He thought he knew a way to lock it with a password, but couldn't figure that out this morning. So I think he is taking the mouse. Either way, I am signing off.

Happy Tuesday~


MiChal said...

But then that makes him the bad guy. ;-)

I do the same thing. I've gotten back into family history stuff and spent 2+ hours piddling around with it yesterday. I totally understand your struggle.

But...I think you are much too hard on yourself in so many ways. You are a SHINING EXAMPLE of a godly wife and mama. There's room for improvement in all of us but dear girl, don't let the enemy dog you into believing his lies.

I'll say it again. You're a great wife. You're a great mom. Unless there are bugs crawling around everywhere, your kids won't remember how clean your house was (or wasn't). They'll remember the art camps and backyard adventures and all the totally cool things y'all do as a family.

My kiddo thinks you're just about perfect. So there.

Kelly said...

Haha, I use to have Dustin do this too. It is amazing how much more productive I can be without the computer.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think you're being dramatic, but I think you come by this addiction naturally. I have to force myself to work in the morning and bribe myself at night. I, too, need to find a way to say "No more!!!". But then, I miss you!


Kara said...

Oh no...then the rest of us might start to feel guilty, too! I love your "Ten on Tuesdays"...

brickmomma said...

No need for guilt ladies.....just boundaries. I have had a good week with mine. Brick was able to set up a password system, so it is working.

Happy Friday!

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

Good for you! Right after we moved here, (exactly a year and three days ago) I spent most of my life on the computer. I was so lonely and was addictied to "Internet Society." I put my kids on-hold to read other people's blogs every chance I got. I am proud of you for taking steps to cut back. God will honor your decision through blessng your family. I know He did mine. :o)