Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taking a Sabbath~

I have had a marvelous weekend. While not near as emotional and active as last weekend, the pace was just right. Nothing to do yesterday and the kids slept in. How often does that happen? I enjoyed drinking my coffee, reading the paper and taking things slow. I worked the night before and the 2 big kids were at an event at church so bed time had come late. I was so glad we didn't have anything to rush to Saturday morning. I told my hubby more than one time how glad I was we didn't have soccer games or anything else to get to. That we could just take it easy.

We have to get up and out six days of the week. Saturdays are the only day we can go slow and be together as the whole family. I am not going to deprive my children of extra curricular activities and when they show a genuine interest and desire I know we will get involved in other things.

But right now I am savoring the moments at home, the times we can be together, getting chores done, taking naps and making dinner.

What are you savoring?

Happy Sunday~

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Charly said...

Ahhh, sleeping in... what is that again?